Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today and we all need to contribute to mitigate the negative impact it has on the planet earth.  The problems posed by increasing greenhouse gases call for urgent action.  

Networking Key Services (NKS) has developed a toolkit by drawing upon its four years’ experience of working with South Asian communities in Edinburgh.  The toolkit can help in raising awareness of the issues related to climate change and can also be used to adapt to changed behaviour in our day to day life to cut carbon emissions produced by us in our daily activities.

Please feel free to use toolkit either as an educationist, researcher, support worker for any related programme or as an individual for your own use in daily life.

Growing own produce

Transport Activities

Home Energy Checks

Waste Managment

Making the world a better place

Since 2014 NKS is working towards reducing carbon foot print. NKS helped in reducing 595 tonnes CO2 till 2017 through different activities. NKS further aims to reduce 503.5 tons of CO2 during 2018-2020. NKS Low Carbon Community Initiative programme participants come from diverse cultural back grounds exposing South Asian women to a sustainable lifestyle of different cultures. 

NKS is supporting families, giving one to one support for energy audit, energy advice, addressing fuel poverty issues. NKS Team is working closely with women and children to share ways to reduce their carbon footprints through different means.  Energy, waste management, repair & reuse, arts and crafts, growing your own produce, using low carbon traveling means (cycling, walking and fuel efficiency driving trainings), educational and learning workshops, intergenerational workshops, reusing food, eating healthy diet and using local produce are core elements of this programme.

Growing own produce​

Gardening sessions to enhance food growing skills of women and children in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens is taking place, where they are learning to grow herbs and vegetables, different techniques of composting, cleaning weeds. This helps community people growing these in home gardens. This part of the toolkit will help people working in this field. Researchers can find data collection tools, and anyone who is interested in growing their own vegetables can get plenty basic knowledge to grow their own produce successfully. Useful links are also provided to check for further knowledge. 

Home Energy Checks

120 South Asian families are being outreached over two years (2018-2020); mainly ‘hard to reach’ in the community, NKS team is arranging home visits to provide one to one advice, information and support through energy checks and audit.  The task is being carried out in collaboration with the Home Energy Scotland for an expert advice.

This part of the toolkit will help diverse people working in this field. Researchers can find data collection tools, field officers can fiend supporting informative data to get prepared for their home visits, whereas, anyone who wants to know about basic energy details can be found here. Don’t forget to check useful links.

Waste Managment

NKS aims to reduce our community’s carbon emissions by 196.5 tonnes CO2e by reducing waste production going to landfill through recycling, composting, repair, reuse and swap shop programmes. Up cycling and recycling of food and materials ( fabric, paper, wool, plastic, metal, jewellery, glass, furniture, wood, tyres, etc.) is taking place through sessions. The clothes and other materials swapped through swap shops events. 

This part of the toolkit will help people working in field of research. Researchers can find data collection tools, and anyone who is interested in learning ways to reduce carbon foot print by reducing waste have plenty supporting ideas in this section.

Don’t forget to check useful links for further knowledge.

Transport Activities​

NKS aims to reduce CO2 for South Asian people, over two years, through promoting increased use of public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing leading to a lifetime saving of 45.8tonnes CO2. Walk sessions and cycling sessions for all age community people is available at NKS premises.

This part of the toolkit will help all those who want to travel either by cycle or by local buses in Edinburgh (UK). People living in other regions may need to follow their own route maps and facilities. The toolkit would be a great help to tourists, students, researchers and people needing some kind of helping data for their day to day travel means. 

Fuel efficiency educational workshops and fuel efficiency driving trainings are for women and men who drive unavoidably more often in their day to day life, to understand how they can adapt to fuel efficiency driving skills.

Additional links are provided for further help.  

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